About Us

We’ve been offering riding instruction, tours and treks at Staðarhus for nearly 10 years now. We love helping create memorable experiences for people and look forward to doing that for years to come.

  • International focus – our customers come from across the globe

  • Facilities – we offer great facilities for riders and travelers alike at Hestaland

  • Experienced Guides – our guides have great skills and experience with horses

Ride with us in Iceland, feel the natural high for yourself and see what keeps horse lovers returning to the Icelandic countryside summer after summer.


We’ve been offering riding instruction, tours and treks at Staðarhus for nearly 10 years now. We have witnessed the same people come back year after year and been thinking a lot about how to build on and enhance their experiences. Guðmar, your guide and fearless trek leader, has been on or around a horse almost every day for the past 30 years.

Icelandic horses aren’t our hobby – they’re our way of life. We believe one of the best ways to experience them is riding through Iceland’s idyllic countryside, their natural environment for over 1,000 years. The feeling of riding through the highlands with a herd of 50 loose horses is difficult to describe. All we know is that it’s where we feel free, and by the end of a long winter, we’re longing to be out there again. Our goal is to share that feeling and experience with you.

Our passion is being out in nature and our mission is to allow people to experience the freedom and uniqueness of Icelandic nature and the Icelandic breed


Guðmar Þór Pétursson
Guðmar Þór PéturssonManager / Owner / Riding instructor
Guðmar started riding at 6 years old and quickly became an accomplished competition rider. With the goal of promoting the Icelandic breed in America, he moved to Louisville, KY, where he operated a training station for about 10 years. The exception, of course, was during the summers, when he would return to Iceland with his American clients to ride in the highlands. He now resides primarily in Iceland but travels extensively across the US to teach riding instruction clinics.
Linda Rún Pétursdóttir
Linda Rún PétursdóttirHead Trainer / Riding Instructor /Guide
Linda, an excellent horsewoman, is a graduate of Hólar, Iceland’s equine college where she is currently a riding instructor. She has a very successful past as a competition rider and rode at the World Championships as a young rider to become World Champion in her youth class. She has been running the training station at Hestaland for the last 3 years and is in charge of the shorter day-trip rides at Hestaland. She has also traveled to the US to teach with Guðmar.
Christina Elena Guzik
Christina Elena Guzik
An unlikely suspect hailing from Chicago, Christina (Gudmar’s wife) has settled into Icelandic farm life quite well. While she enjoys riding, you won’t find her riding next to you on your trek. It’s more likely you’ll work with her prior to your trip, as she is our client liaison, in addition to handling marketing and logistics. During the week, she works as an editor.