Ask Gudmar

This monthly subscription allows access to an invitation-only Facebook community called “Ask Gudmar.”

Featuring weekly videos and discussions.

Introductory price: $29.99/month


Each week you’ll have the opportunity to submit a question and/or vote for the one you’d most like to hear my opinion on. If you don’t have any burning questions or feel like voting — no problem! You’re more than welcome to simply enjoy the educational content I post weekly. Given that video topics are based on member questions and the Facebook live sessions are recorded, you can watch them and study whenever it’s convenient for you.  

At any rate, I’ll answer the week’s most voted upon question with a video demonstration and follow up on the answer with a Facebook live session, taking any questions you might have about that topic.

The idea is to create a supportive and educational atmosphere in which I create content that helps you learn and develop as a rider. It will also allow for discussion amongst members.

The content will be authentic and real, and you’ll see the issues we are dealing with and how we are dealing with them. I may include other riders and students if I feel that’s the best way to get my message across. Some weeks I might skip the voting process and choose topics I feel are important to share with the group, or intervene if needed to make sure the questions are relevant and useful for the community.

The videos will live in the Facebook group and develop into a collection that members will be free to browse through at any time. I foresee this as a fun, interactive, educational project involving a community of people who are passionate about horsemanship.

As a member of the Ask Gudmar group, you will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase an à la carte consultation session.

Hope to see you there!

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    *After subscribing, please email us at info@hestaland.net, so we can add you to the group.