Online Coaching with Gudmar Petursson

How it works


Initial Consultation

– Student intake form

– Video assessment

– Online video chat

– USD 175 (€164) (one-time fee)


Choose Your Plan

– Bronze USD 189 (€169)/month

– Silver USD 349 (€319)/month

– Gold USD 599 (€549)/month


We Get to Work & Improve Your Riding

– Video assessments

– Customized training advice

– Online video chats

Initial Consultation

You submit a 15–20 minute video of you working with your horse. Please try to cover what you can do with your horse, groundwork and warm-up, exercises you and your horse know, as well as all the gaits you are comfortable riding. After I review it, we meet online (25 min) to discuss the video. You’ll have the chance to explain where you are at in the training, how it has been going, what your goals are, and how often you can train, etc. Based on the video and our meeting, I will create a customized training plan for you and your horse and e-mail it to you after you purchase a monthly plan.


USD 175 (€160) — one-time fee for new students
USD 90 (€80) — one-time fee for returning students

These terms and conditions apply.


Choose Your Plan


$189, €169 (monthly)

One video assessment/month
Customized training advice
Live online chat (1x/month)

Ideal for riders who
want regular help and support on a less intense level,
preferably over a longer time period.

These Terms & Conditions apply.


$349, €319 (monthly)

Two video assessments/month
Customized training advice (up to 3x/month)
Live online chat (1x/month)

Perfect for riders who want a
little more support or have a
horse that needs more

These Terms & Conditions apply.


$599, €549 (monthly)

Four video assessments/month
Customized training advice
(up to 8x/month, via phone or
video chat, if desired)

A rather intense program, great for riders who want a lot of help, perhaps those who are starting a new horse, just bought a horse, or are preparing for a show.

These Terms & Conditions apply.

How We’ll Improve Your Riding

Customized Training Advice

You regularly submit short written or voice message reports to keep me informed on how training is going and ask any questions you have. I will provide customized training advice within 2 business days. With the Gold plan, it’s an option to receive the training advice via live call.

Live Online Chats

We chat (25 min) and talk about how training is going. We’ll use whatever app you’re most comfortable with (FaceTime, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.). These chats will give us the opportunity to have discuss your progress and challenges in greater detail.

Video Assessments

You regularly upload a 15–20 minute video, as well as a short written training report, to explain how training is going and ask any question’s you may have. I review the video and send back an assessment (either in writing or by voice message) detailing what I see, what’s going well, where you could improve, and advice on the next steps.



I’m eager to share quality horsemanship with even more riders and horse lovers across the world.

That’s why I’m complementing my efforts with this recently launched platform — online coaching.


More Information

Whenever you decide to end the training, I will send a wrap-up report (either in writing or via voice message) leaving you
with ideas about how to go forward.

Custom Plans
Do you have unique needs? Maybe multiple horses or want a different pace? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d be happy to create a customized program for your specific needs.

The plans do not correspond to the skill level of the rider. For example, inexperienced riders can choose the
Gold plan if they want more intense help at a higher frequency.

There is a 3-month minimum commitment. This is to ensure results and that we are not trying to do too much in a
short time. However, you can switch between the packages as you wish. For example, start intense and then ease up.
Unfortunately, I am unable to take phone calls or face-to-face online video calls outside of what’s included in your plan.