Winter Workshops

Hestaland’s Winter Workshops are fitting for those who are serious about taking their riding level and training skills to the next level. Riders of all levels will have the rare learning opportunity to be a supervised, assistant trainer at our 37-horse training operation for one week.

Student trainers will train independently but alongside and under the supervision of Gudmar and Vibeke, who will be training simultaneously and give you tips and feedback as needed. At the same time, you’ll be given the space to figure some things out for yourself. This experience is ideal for independently minded and inquisitive riders, as our student trainers often learn the most by asking questions.

When you are not training, you’ll have the chance to observe and experience our daily training work, watch everything that goes on, and help with whatever needs to be done. The Hestaland training station will be in full gear, and you’ll become a part of it.

Student trainers will receive daily riding lessons, 2 project horses (including tack), lodging at Hestaland Guesthouse for 6 nights, and daily lunch with the Hestaland staff.

Your 2 assigned horses will match your experience level and interests, such as working with a young or stiff horse. On Monday morning, you’ll get a lesson on each horse and then one lesson every day (you can choose on which horse you take the lesson). You will train each horse 2 times a day alongside the Hestaland trainers.

  • Group size: 2–3 students trainers max, per week
  • Timing: Workshops will be set up in 5-day, Monday–Friday blocks and offered all winter long (you can do one more than one block at a time if you like)
  • Breakfast and dinner: You’re on your own, although you will have access to the guesthouse kitchen
  • Transportation: Not provided, but we could easily pick you up from Borgarnes on Sunday.
  • Sunday: Arrive at the farm, get settled in your room
  • Monday: Report to the barn. You will be assigned at least 2 project horses to work with and receive a lesson on each one
  • Tues–Fri: You will continue to work with your 2 horses (each horse 1–2 times a day) and receive 1 lesson daily (you’ll choose which of your 2 project horses to take the lesson on).
  • Friday: We will reevaluate your project horses together.
  • Weekends: Off
  • Pricing: $2,200 for a 5-day block*

*15% discount on a second consecutive week

Due to high demand we have decided to add fall dates as well to our Winter Workshop series. Please note that we have limited availability for each set of dates so please contact us sooner rather than later if you are interested in reserving spots at the Winter workshop this season.

January 2024
January 8-12
January 15-19
January 29-February 2

February 2024
February 4-9
February 19-23 (sold out)
February 26-March 1

March 2024
March 18-22 (sold out)
March 25-29

April 2024
April 15-19 (sold out)
April 22-26 (sold out)

In order to secure a spot, send an e-mail to Louisa ([email protected]) and let her know your preferred date.