Maístjarna frá Lækjamóti 2


Mare | 7 y/o | Black with star

Maístjarna is a 7 year old black mare with a star. She’s a daughter of the famous Rás Frá Ragnheiðarstöðum and her father is the successful Kiljan frá Steinnesi.

She is a talented five gaited mare with a great temperament and good spirit. She is really cooperative and fun to work with. By now, she is quite well educated and knows the basic dressage exercises. She has very good suspension in trot and canter, naturally good walk and has always shown great quality tölt. Her pace is very powerful and promising but not fully trained at this point. Maístjarna has big movements and is always willing to please her rider and is overall relaxed. She would be great for somebody who wants to keep developing her for breeding evaluation or competitions.

Video of Maístjarna

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Ástarpungur frá Staðarhúsum – sold


Gelding | 11 y/o | Black with star | 143cm

Ástarpungur is a 11-year-old black gelding born and trained here at our farm. His father is the famous Orri frá Þúfu, and his mother is Blíða frá Steinum, a very good daughter of Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum.

Ástarpungur is highly educated. He knows all the main dressage exercises and likes to work. He is great fun to work with, always willing and positive. His gaits are very good and even, and his trot and canter are super fun to work with — whether that’s for training, dressage, or four-gait competitions.

Ástarpungur has an amazing temperament. He is friendly, cooperative, and eager to please. He has competed a little bit in four gait and Gaedinga dressage and done quite well. He scored 6.93 in four gait and about 7 in dressage.

Ástarpungur is ready to become a competition horse, and he would be a really fun horse for somebody to develop as such. He could also be a great schoolmaster for somebody wanting to learn about training given how educated he is. Alternatively, he could be a great partner for an ever-learning rider.

Video of Ástarpungur (four gait)

Video of Ástarpungur (Vesturlandsdeild V1)

Video of Ástarpungur (dressage)

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Líf frá Heimahaga – sold


Mare | 8 y/o | Black

Líf is an 8 year old black mare. She is very talented and shows fantastic temperament. Her tölt is very good and easy, walk and canter are also very good. Trot is not as strong although she trots nicely in slower speed and it could be developed more. She has beautiful high movements.

Líf is very sweet and can be ridden by almost anybody. She has been ridden by kids as well as professionals. She could do well in competitions, more particularly loose rein tölt, or any entry level or youth competitions.

Líf would be a great horse for somebody looking for a nice riding horse or a competition horse.

Video of Líf

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Vildís frá Múla

– sold


Mare | 12 y/o | Black |

Vildís is a 12-year-old black mare. She is a tolting queen and has the accomplishments to prove it.

Vildis has competed quite a bit in T2 and done very well; she knows that discipline well and likes it.

Vildis has scored over 7 in T2 a few times, and her highest score is 7.73 in preliminaries.

She has also done well in T1, but the focus has been on T2.

Vildis is a beautiful, proud princess who is great fun to work with and always does her best.

Tolt is definitely her best gait — she will tolt all day with or without rein contact. But her other gaits are also quite good, and she could also probably be developed into a four-gait competition horse.

Vildis would be great for somebody looking for a high-level, T2 competition horse and maybe develop into a four-gait or T1 competitor as well. She would also make an amazing, fun, tolting-machine riding horse.

Video of Vildís

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Skandall frá Varmalæk 1

– sold


Gelding | 12 y/o | Black with star/ snip / glass eyed |

Skandall is a 12-year-old gelding. He is black with a star and snip and one glass eye. Skandall is a very special horse. He has competed quite a bit in adult classes, as well as kid and junior classes. Skandall is super athletic and light on his feet in every gait. Riding him is incredibly fun. Skandall has an extensive list of accomplishments:

In kids’ classes he has scored:

T7 — 6.77 in preliminaries and 6.90 in finals

V5 — 6.40/6.71

Gaedingarkeppni — 8.52/8.77

T3 — 6.90/6.78

V2 — 6.50/6.80

In 2020 Embla Móey Gudmarsdóttir and Skandall became Icelandic champions in four-gait kids’ class. They also had the highest score in V2 kids’ class that year. Embla and Skandall also won the Gaedingarkeppni kids’ class at Fjordungsmot 2020 and had the highest score in that class that year.

Skandall has also scored:

6.57/6.72 in T3 junior class

6.77/6.83 in V1 adult class

8.61/8.63 in gaedingakeppni adult B class

Skandall is an extremely talented horse, always light on the reins and light on the front. He has very good, even, clean gaits. He is a big character and needs a confident rider that doesn’t mind small quirks that can be a little scary to an inexperienced rider but funny to the confident rider.

He could be a unique opportunity for a confident rider looking for a great horse to do great things with.

Video of Skandall

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Drift frá Hraunholti – sold


Mare | 10 y/o | Bay | 138cm

Drift is a 10 year old mare with four good and even gaits, amazing temperament and can be ridden by almost everybody. She has nice movements, is very talented and can be a show horse or a luxury riding horse. She can be enjoyed by a beginner or more experienced rider that can ask for more. What really makes Drift unique is her outstanding but easily manageable talent.

Video of Drift – outside

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Blesi frá Þverholtum

– sold


Gelding | 7 y/o | Red |

Blesi  has it all: looks, size, temperament and gaits. He is a very tall stunningly beautiful light build gelding. His temperament is fantastic, he is friendly and easy going. Wether you want to take it easy or go faster, Blesi will do anything for his rider. He can already tölt on a loose rein and can develop into a T2 horse. He is fourgaited with very good well separated gaits and excellent speed range, especially in tölt. Blesi is super fun to ride and could be a luxury riding horse or develop into a very good competition horse or even  be both.

Blesi is a rare combination of temperament and talent.

Video of Blesi

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Djörfung frá Hindisvík

– sold


Mare | 7 y/o | Dark chestnut | 141cm

Djörfung is a good looking and tall mare. She has a fun character and clean and separated gaits. She is easy to ride and both, less experienced and more experienced riders would enjoy her since she has very good gaits with decent speed range.

Video of Djörfung

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Þröstur frá Staðarhúsum – sold


Gelding | 6 y/o | Brown

Þröstur is a 6 year old gelding. He is a promising 5 gaited horse, but his gaits are still developing and he needs ongoing gait training. Þröstur is tall and good looking and his temperament is fantastic. He is brave and fun to work with. He is a really fun project for somebody to turn him into an even better horse.

Video of Þröstur

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Muninn frá Melabergi – sold


Gelding | 9 y/o | Brown

Muninn is a super sweet and safe black 9 year old gelding. He has very clean well separated 4 gaits. Muninn is very experience trail riding horse and has done quite a few treks. He would be great for someone looking for a all around riding horse with great temperament.

Video of Muninn

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Marta Lovísa frá Kirkjufelli – sold


Mare | 7 y/o | Jet Black | 139cm

Marta Lovisa is a first prize mare. She has 8.14 for conformation and 8.05 for riding abilities including 8.5 for tolt, spirit and walk. Marta Lovisa has super good bloodlines. What makes Marta Lovisa even more special is her temperament, she has a very unique temperament and even though she is so talented and able to perform when asked. She can be ridden by almost anybody. She is friendly and loves attention. Marta has very good gaits although her pace is not very trained yet. She could do well as a 4 gaiter or 5 gaiter. Even though Marta Lovisa is 5 gaited she will rather tend to lean toward the trotty side on tolt but is easy to help into proper tolt. She can be a super riding horse, a show horse or a breeding mare.

Video of Marta Lovísa

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Snerill frá Ánabrekku – sold


Gelding | 8 y/o | Silver Dapple Pinto, glass-eyed

Solid & flashy! Experienced trail and trekking horse with a calm energy. Uncomplicated gaits and the potential to do well in entry-level classes. Flashy pinto with one blue eye.

Snerill has been exported to the US and is now for sale at our partners at Tamangur Icelandics.

Video of Snerill

Bratti frá Saurbæ – sold


Gelding | 11 y/o | Chestnut with a blaze

Bratti is a fun endless-tölter who is experienced out on the trail. Smooth, forward and strong – ideal for an intermediate rider who enjoys moving out. The kind of horse you want to ride for miles.

Bratti has been exported to the US and is now for sale at our partners at Tamangur Icelandics.

Video of Bratti

Sóti frá Hrauni sold


Gelding | 10 y/o | Chestnut

Sóti has been exported to the US and was sold by our partners at Tamangur Icelandics.

Video of Sóti

Venus frá Hrafnkelsstöðum  sold


Mare | 9 y/o | Palomino with a star

Venus has been exported to the US and was sold by our partners at Tamangur Icelandics.

Video of Venus